For newbs at coding, like me


As of 8/4/21 I'm no longer actively maintaining this site. I'm still wanting to learn to code, but work is super busy. Therefore I let my Pluralsight subscription lapse. I'm still working Codecademy when I get the chance, but don't have the bandwidth to try and also pull this information into Gitbook format.

Welcome to Codenewb by 7 Minute Security

Who are you?

I'm Brian and I like security. Free to contact me. And/or I welcome you to chat with me on the 7MS Slack channel.

Uh...what's "codenewb"?

It's my live notebook and practice exercises for learning Python, Powershell, C#, Javascript and other languages.

Where are you learning this stuff?

I signed up for a Pluralsight account. It's a great, affordable learning platform for a whole bunch of cool IT/security stuff (and no, they're not paying me to say this). I also recently signed up for a Codecademy subscription (also not paying me to say nice things about them.

Pfft! You don't know how to code?

No. I love IT and security, but have zero coding experience.

Why are you doing this?

I want to:

  • Fill my coding skills gap

  • Share what I'm learning with others

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